B The Beginning Succession Episode 6 English Subbed

B The Beginning is an original anime series that Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I. G. made. It is a physiological thriller, suspense, and science fiction genre.

Also, Rui Kuroki is the producer, Katsuya Ishida is the writer, and the music is composed by Yoshihiro Ike. Netflix and Madman Entertainment license it.

In the first season, it has 12 episodes, and it began airing on March 2, 2018. The runtime of each episode is between 23 to 25 minutes.

Furthermore, it has a second season called B The Beginning Succession. Kazuto Nakazawa was the chief director, and Itsuro Kawasaki was another director.

This time with Kazuto Nakazawa and Katsuya, Ishida was the writer, and Yoshihiro Ike was the music composer.

Officially this season was aired on Netflix from March 18, 2021, and had 6 episodes.

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About the Anime

The Royal Investigation Service (RIS) wants to find Killer B as he is the main suspect for a series of murders happening in the city.

One of the survivors of these attacks was hired by Quinn, a member of a shady organization. Quinn wants to steal the weapon to lure out Koku.

Keith Flick is a Savant detective, tries to solve the case and thinks there is a greater motive behind these murders. In the meantime, Quinn and Koku fight on top of a runaway train. However, after the fight, Quinn leaves a sign which indicates it was done by Killer B.

Furthermore, at this staged Killer B crime scene, RIS finds a body killed by poison gas. They think this gas might be released at the charity gala held by Mayor.

The RIS members went to the charity gala as undercover agents. However, they failed to protect the people as the criminals overpower them. They threaten that they will release the gas if Mayor doesn’t listen to their demand.

In all this chaos, Koku followed Izanami at the top of the building.

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