Beastars 2nd Season Episode 1

If you start watching Beastars 2nd Season Episode 1, it may not be very reassuring at the end. However, if you are anticipating some massive, grandiose relaunch to the show, there is nothing like that.

Although a whole year has passed since season 1, and anticipation is at an all-time high, Studio Orange is taking its time to meet fan expectations. So instead, this episode is a leisurely, understated debut episode. It wraps up many loose ends from 2019 while also introducing some new ideas and hints at potential future developments.

Beastars 2nd Season Episode 1: What is the plot summary?

The bond between Haru and Legosi and Louis’ disappearance are the two main topics that Beastars 2nd Season Episode 1 tackles. These two components are intimately connected to the conclusion of the prior arc. It is in which Legosi risked his life for Haru, and Louis found love with the Shishigumi. Although this episode doesn’t offer all the solutions, it does demonstrate how much has changed since the first season.

Louis seems to have been AWOL for two months. However, when he finally shows up in this episode midway through, he doesn’t make a huge deal out of it. Instead, he informs Legosi that “Light and darkness have switched” as he hands the Drama Club his resignation letter. You cannot specify what this indicates for fear of giving anything away, but suffice it to say that Louis isn’t the same deer he was two months ago.

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Final thoughts

As previously indicated, Beastars 2nd Season Episode 1 primarily focuses on continuing the events from season 1. In addition, there is some brand-new material to investigate, like the enormous snake visible in the original trailer. By the end of this episode, we don’t get a clear view of them or their name. However, their presence dominates everything that happens. It is because Legosi and his canine roommates try to solve the riddle of the ‘ghost’ haunting the location where Tem was dead as the A plot.

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