Beastars 2nd Season Episode 6

The Beastars 2nd Season episode 6 sees Legosi and company venture out into the world as they run errands for the Drama Club in advance of their performance at the forthcoming Meteor Festival. However, as they wander into the infamous “back-alley market,” things swiftly go south, demonstrating to Legosi that the adult world isn’t as ideal as it may seem.

From this point forward, the Beastars anime would presumably become more and more accurate in its adaptation of Paru Itagaki’s original manga. However, Beastars 2nd Season episode 6 introduces many changes that may feel very compelling for discussion.

Beastars 2nd Season episode 6: Discussing the structure

The major one is the decision made by Studio Orange to omit chapter 20 of the manga entirely. Their choice is understandable, given that the episode is unrelated to the rest of the main plot. Still, that particular episode features Legosi and his obsession with egg sandwiches. The same makes it one of the best tales the manga has yet to tell. Let’s hope it eventually gets its chance to shine.

There is a moment where the new character of Juno daydreams about her companion grey wolf. Here, Legosi, after their first encounter in chapter 21 – which, by the way, undergoes modification.  However, he is also missing at the beginning of chapter 22.

Final thoughts

Aside from the performance in Beastars 2nd Season episode 6, Gouhin is crucial to the plot. It is because he starts to challenge Legosi in a significant way. He asserts that the only reason he likes Haru is so that he can approach her and eat her. Since Haru roused Legosi’s ferocious impulses, that fateful night, he has been grappling with this anxiety since episode 1. Legosi is still adamant that he genuinely loves Haru. It is a belief that you will test throughout the upcoming arc as he deals with both romantic and physical strife.

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