Beastars 2nd Season Episode 7

In Beastars 2nd Season Episode 7, Since Juno didn’t anticipate Louis agreeing to meet with her, she is unsure what to do. First, Juno believes she needs to take Loius back and question him about his decision to join a dubious group. Next, Louis questions Juno about whether Legoshi returned to the school the day of the meteorite festival without incident. Legoshi made it back safely, says Juno, adding that he wasn’t seriously harmed. Finally, Louis inquires if the small rabbit—a girl about waist height—was with her.

Beastars 2nd Season Episode 7: The plot

Louis is astounded that Juno found him down after she reveals that the girl was unhurt. She claimed that she followed his advice before the festival. Juno understands that Louis informed her that a man who can’t even defend a lady he cares about couldn’t possibly succeed on stage. He also admitted to her that despite being a school hero, he is too weak to defeat authority, instinct, or strength.

Jack understands that the day Legoshi was in pain was the last time he saw him. Moreover, Jack advises them against calling Logoshi when Mugino suggested doing so. Jack admits he doesn’t believe Legoshi will return anytime soon.

He claimed that Legoshi told him that he was on a separate planet with them. As Jack was speaking and gazing out the window, the others were in shock to see Legoshi. That is why, says Jack, he did not quit Legoshi. When Mugino unexpectedly calls out Legoshi’s name, Jack turns around and sees Legoshi.

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Final thoughts

They are all in shock by how Legoshi looks and assume it is someone who resembles Legoshi. Legoshi explains what had transpired and how his appearance had altered. Louis asks his father to sign the notice of his withdrawal from school simultaneously. Louis explains that he is the leader of the Leo Group and that his father describes the rest of the incident. Pointing the gun at his father, he pulls the trigger and commands him to sign the document immediately.

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