Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 1

Bishounen Tanteidan, or the Bishōnen series, is a Japanese anime creation that has become an audience favorite. Especially teenagers and young adults are going crazy over the mystery novel Nisio Isin created. Once you start with Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 1, there is no way you will want to stop till you finish.

More than the original series, the manga adaptation wins hearts with colorful illustrations and catchy dialogues. The series has 12 episodes, and viewers seem to want more of it. Moreover, the protagonist Mayumi Dojima’s character has become a favorite for many.

Before you move on to the episode update, briefly introduce you to the main character. It will help you follow the rest of the series well. So, Mayumi Dojima is the series’ central character. She is in year 2, class B at Yubiwa Academy Middle School. In Dizaka no Bishnen, she becomes the president of the student council.

She joined the Pretty Boy Detective Club to help solve a case involving a celebrity she had been looking for for ten years. She has been dressing up as a man and visiting the club since the issue was resolved. Since then, she has become a regular at the club. She has exceptional vision and generally wears glasses to hide it. “Mayumi the Seer” is another moniker for her.

Bishounen Tanteidan episode 1

Mayumi Dojima looks up at the stars from the Yubiwa Academy Middle School rooftop. She’s been looking for a star she saw ten years ago in the night sky. Instead, she meets Manabu Sotoin, a mysterious and handsome lad who whisks her away to the Pretty Boy Detective Club’s headquarters, where she meets five pretty boys with distinct personalities. She requests that the Pretty Boy Detective Club look for the missing star.

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Final thoughts

While Bishounen Tanteidan episode 1 is already starting to create a stir, you must wait for all the mysteries to unravel. So keep an eye on the next episode to learn about the interaction between Mayumi and the club members.