Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 10

The Bishounen Tanteidan episode 10 follows a new mystery. This one involves a fake Student Council election. Here, Wana Naganawa becomes Nagahiro’s replacement, who in turn faces an accident. Even though the hit-and-run was not fatal, Naganawa’s inability to vote has prompted the Detective Club to look into who wanted him out.

Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 10

The student council elections at Yubiwa Academy Middle School are approaching. Wana Naganawa, the current vice president and leading presidential candidate, has been forced to withdraw her candidacy after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. The Pretty Boy Detective Club suspects a plot behind the elections and sets out to find the perpetrator. Unfortunately, Mayumi gets the nomination to become a new candidate for the polls.

Mayumi’s reputation as one of the series’ comedic characters is cemented when the rest of the club nominates her to succeed Naganawa as a presidential candidate. Besides, Nagahiro and Michiru only visualize a car hitting Mayumi, no matter how much opposition she gives about not being morally upright. Mayumi’s surprise at how bold and determined they are to see her in peril was amusing.

Another time is when she’s conducting reconnaissance on Yokuya. It is the one candidate who hopes to profit from Naganawa’s misfortune.  She finds herself insulting him for being a regular middle-schooler with no real individuality. However, she feels guilty about it, but then she things that someone who attempts to express themselves through a careless wardrobe may still appear eerily bland.

Final thoughts

According to the audience, one of the best parts of manga is its abrupt ending. Moreover, you will notice the same in Bishounen Tanteidan episode 10. The writer’s goal is to leave space for the audience to imagine or perceive the story in their way. Now, it is time to see who wins the election. It will also be fun to watch how the detective boys find the accident’s culprit.

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