Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 11

Mayumi’s investigation into the person who hit Naganawa with a car is the focal point in Bishounen Tanteidan episode 11. The accident was to spoil all her chances to stand as the Student Council President again. However, as Michiru begins to follow up on leads, it raises the issue of whether it was an accident or whether there was some strategy to install a president who can challenge the current Student Council’s status quo.

Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 11

Mayumi steadily obtains more followers in the race with the help of Odoru Sotoin, Manabu’s older brother. Moreover, he is the founder of the Pretty Boy Detective Club. But, on the other hand, the Detective Club is unable to investigate Wana Nagawa’s hit-and-run case, let alone uncover any clues. Therefore, Mayumi and someone else is now most likely the targets of the hit-and-run suspect.

It was fascinating to watch how much of the program was devoted to proving or disproving Michiru’s argument. It was that the accident did not occur at all. While it appears that Yokuya has devised a method of ensuring that he can hit people with vehicles invisibly, Michiru presented a compelling case for those in Nagahiro’s government to move the future cabinet away from his influence.

Not to mention that Nagahiro now has contacts through which he may quickly win many fans simply by association. Nagahiro’s trip for Odoru’s endorsement was a perfect example of how much power he now has to persuade voters in his favor.

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Final thoughts

It’s fascinating to investigate because of all of the ways Bishounen Tanteidan promotes expressing beauty via free-spirited excess. It’s also eager to show you how growing old may transform the way you think and view your former self. With the Bishounen Tanteidan episode 11, we have almost come to the end of this fantastic series. Finally, the big suspense is what the audience is waiting for at the very end.