Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 12

The pieces have fallen into place for the Pretty Boy Detectives to figure out who tried to run Mayumi over in Bishounen Tanteidan episode 12 or the finale. However, the most important question they must address is whether it is safe to continue investigating an attempted murder case.

Kinshiro Yokuya, Mayumi’s classmate and opponent candidate, sits next to her on the day of the student council president elections. Moreover, Kinshiro sets his final trap before Mayumi’s speech! The last question is if Yubiwa Academy remains safe from the Pretty Boy Detective Club.

Bishounen Tanteidan episode 12

Yokuya’s transformation into a frightening assassin who painstakingly planned to damage and kill someone to fulfill the Academy’s desire to reform the curriculum was surprising. Although, Yokuya delivered Mayumi his parlor room scenario, the transformation of the storyline to entirely realistic seinen style was refreshing.

Despite going to the Yoshikage Kira’s extent of attempting to be mediocre at everything, they made him menacing. Of course, it may not have been enough to win over the audience like Manabu’s speech. Still, compared to the other antagonists in the series, it’s impressive how terrifying they made such a minor adversary.

Mayumi wants to embrace everything the club stands for right now. Moreover, while the going will be tough, she is happily willing to take on the challenges. Moreover, with the current support as Student Council President and a Pretty Boy Detective, the journey can be more manageable.

Final thoughts

The incredible experience ends with Bishounen Tanteidan episode 12. The excellent storyline and superb illustration of the characters are worth mentioning. Moreover, the writer successfully expresses the emotions of each character which makes the series even more enjoyable. So, it is time to understand the mysteries till there is more.

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