Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 3

Mayumi Dojima pledges her mom and dad that she will find the dark star she spotted ten years ago. However, if she cannot do it, she will sacrifice her goal of becoming an astronaut. Hearing about her problems, the eccentric Manabu Sotoin offers to assist her in searching for the star. Moreover, he brings along the rest of Yubiwa Academy‘s enigmatic Pretty Boy Detective Club. The Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 3 adds to the already brewing adventure.

The club rules are that you have to be a boy, have the skills of a detective, and be pretty, of course! But on the other hand, Mayumi is exceptional in that she can see things that ordinary people cannot. Moreover, her keen vision helps her see even the most minor things, such as persons approaching her from afar or hidden traps that would typically go undetected.

Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 3

Mayumi Dojima and Manabu Sotoin are kidnapped on their way home from school by a group known as the Twenties. They’re looking for a hidden mystery within the star Mayumi spotted ten years ago. The Pretty Boy Detective Club’s remaining members take action to save their companions and ultimately face the Twenties in combat! What will Mayumi do once the quest for the lost star is completed?

Final thoughts

After the disappointing end of Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 3, the question is whether everything will come to a standstill. Sweet Mayumi Dojima will also become part of the gang, but how? Keep watching to know what happens at the end of the combat. Will the Boy Club lose against the Twenties, or will this make them stronger? We are all waiting for the next episode to bring a new dimension to the story. Besides, it is hopeful that the pretty boys will rise stronger and face many more challenges together.

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