Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 5

Who doesn’t like reading or watching detective novels or shows? In recent days, detective thrillers are gaining more popularity than otherwise. So, if you are both an anime lover and a detective lover, then nothing can be more appropriate for your watch list than Bishounen Tanteidan. The Pretty Boy Detective Club gets new mysteries to unravel as it takes the audience along its path. Here we will discuss what happens in Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 5.

The Pretty Boy Detective Club is a not-for-profit organization. Their headquarters is in Yubiwa Private Academy. Manabu Soutounin heads the team. He decides that someone needs help. So, if someone makes a “beautiful” request for help, they only take up the case and follow the lead.

Mayumi Doujima is the main protagonist of the story, where she needs help in finding a star that she located when she was a little child. With this “beautiful” request at hand, she sought help from the Pretty Boy Detective Club. They decided to help the girl. The lead casts of the series are Mayumi, Manabu, Nagahiro, Michiru, Hyouta, and Suzaku.

Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 5

In the fifth episode, titled The Swindler, The Vanishing Man, and the Pretty Boys, Part 2, we see that the Boys have figured out the trick used by Lai to beat Nagahiro. He also used this to get into Reasonable Doubt Casino, where he and Lai had a battle. But, they face an unprecedented situation. The show aired on May 9, 2021, and was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

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Final Thoughts

The detective series is something that shouldn’t be kept out long. Thus, if you are a fan of them, you shouldn’t keep them waiting on the list. If you are yet to watch Bishounen Tanteidan, you shouldn’t wait long and give it a watch immediately.