Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 7

The investigators revealed that Ms. Towai’s students got the instruction to aid her with the painting of all of the students she stole. It was so that she could bear the blame in the second and final chapter of Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 7. This part features an artsy mystery, which brings the invisible technology back into the fold. Even with the happy ending, there are a lot of elements to remember as the next episode approaches.

Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 7

In particular, Mayumi’s meeting with Lai raised suspicions about his intentions in future installments. The information he gives can be a summary of a phone conversation. However, he neglects to provide the contact lenses required to view the truth behind the painting.

He requires proof from her that the detectives were not friends with whom she needs to be considerate because if that were the case, he’d be pleased to join his fantastic club instead. It felt like a tougher version of the Pretty Boy Detectives.

Despite her best efforts to avoid her club responsibilities, she has to come back when Manabu understands that she went to Lai seeking answers. Mayumi may continue to doubt her allegiance as a detective.

However, considering how much weight they place on her thoughts and judgments, she is likely to change her mind. So it is especially when Manabu underlines the need to embellish each decision she takes as part of a broader, beautiful image—changing what would have seemed ineffective into learning how Lai’s contacts operated.

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Final thoughts

It may sound strange considering that most of the investigators were correct that she has no interest in painting people. However, in Bishounen Tanteidan Episode 7, it fits with her desire not to disturb pictures that portray humanity. The natural environment is still a living ecosystem. So, she believes that the individuals in these pictures can not show the vibrancy and energy that these backgrounds have in their own right.