Detective Conan Episode 1000

The mystery is noteworthy for various reasons, including the fact that it is a fan favorite. Detective Conan Episode 1000 marks the debut of the anime adaptation’s double-length mystery. Additionally, it was a significant turning point in the series’ story because the incident made Conan swear never to allow a criminal to go to death.

Detective Conan Episode 1000: What’s the plot?

Aimi Kobayashi, a classical pianist, was also revealed to perform the crucial “Moonlight Sonata” for the remade episode. Since her early career, the 25-year-old musician has received numerous honors and performed with orchestras worldwide, from Carnegie Hall to Salle Cortot.

High school phenom Jimmy Kudo, 17, routinely assists the police in resolving crimes. He experiences assault by two criminals from the Black Organization gang known as Gin and Vodka while conducting an investigation. They make him consume an experimental poison called APTX 4869, meant to kill him, and then abandon him to perish. However, a rare side effect of the poison turns Kudo into a child instead of killing him.

Kudo disguises himself as Conan Edogawa to look into the Black Organization. To securely identify and apply a remedy for his current condition, he plans to pretend to be a youngster until he gathers enough evidence to capture the syndicate. Edogawa enrolls in Teitan Elementary School, where he teams up with George Kojima, Mitch Tsuburaya, and Amy Yoshida to form the Junior Detective League.

He moved in with his childhood friend Rachel Moore, whose father Richard is a private investigator, to conceal his actions even further. With the aid of unique tools created by his neighbor and friend, Hiroshi Agasa, Kudo still uses Conan to solve crimes, but he typically goes under the guise of Richard Moore.

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Final thoughts

After her sister’s murder, Shiho Miyano, a member of the Black Organization and the instigator of APTX 4869, attempts to escape the syndicate. However, they take him to jail in Detective Conan Episode 1000. She consumes APTX 4869 to end her life, but like Kudo, she is changed into a child. Nevertheless, she succeeds in getting away and enrolls in Conan’s school using the alias Anita Hailey. She becomes a member of the Junior Detective League and helps Conan in his inquiries into the Black Organization. Conan’s mission has brought him to assist the FBI in embedding CIA operative Kir as an undercover snoop inside the Black Organization.

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