Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Anime Series Summary

Dr. Stone is a 2019 anime series that was produced by TMS Entertainment. It is based on a manga with the same name, and Riichiro Inagaki is the author, and Boichi is the illustrator.

The manga released in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine by Shueisha.

Summary of Dr. Stone

3,700 years ago, a mysterious light turned everyone on Earth into stone. Senku Ishigami, who is a genius scientist, comes out of his petrification. He wants to rebuild human civilization again.

The second season of Dr. Stone is called Dr. Stone: Stone Wars. The anime released in 2021 and aired from January 14 – March 25.

This season focused more on the Stone War are from the manga. In this season, Senku and the people from the Kingdom of Science go to war with the Kingdom of Strength that Tsukasa rules.

Also, the anime is officially available on Crunchyroll worldwide. Funimation is also making a simuldub.

This season had 11 episodes. After the last episode, they announced that season 3 would be coming soon.

Moreover, the English dub of the series aired on Adult Swim on May 16, 2021.

Fujifabric sang the opening of the anime, and the song is called Paradise, while the ending song is Voice, sang by Hatena.

Senku wanted to make space food. This food they can eat while they are at war with Tsukasa. Kaseki and Chrome help him to make cup ramen.

Also, that same day, he and Chrome and Gen decided to prank the Tsukasa’s soldiers with a record of Lillian’s voice. Hence, this raised their hope that someone from Tsukasa’s army is there to protect them from Senku’s attack.

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Moreover, Magma, Gen, and Chrome go near the warzone to set their phone the next day. They did make a blast with the sound bombs in a nearby forest. This distracts Homura, who is one of the powerful members of Tsukasa’s army. Moreover, their plan worked, and all 3 of them ran towards the battlefield.

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