King’s Raid Ishi wo Tsugumono tachi Episode 25 English Subbed

King’s Raid Ishi wo Tsugumono Tachi is an RPG, side-scrolling, mobile game. The game is free to play, and Vespa, a South Korean game company, is the game developer. Initially, the game was published by GloHow, a Thailand company. However, Vespa took the rights of the game in June 2017.

Furthermore, the game was first released on September 9, 2016, and was available for iOS and Android only in Thailand. Later they released a global version with 3 servers, and it launched on February 16, 2017. The game supports both English and Korean language.

The developer described the game as “character collection SRPG.” This way, the players can make their party with people they like without any gacha system, raid battles, and PVP arena. The graphics of the game is 3D which makes it a popular game worldwide.

Furthermore, on September 22, 2017, the game supports German, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and Russian.

About the Anime

In 2020 April, the team of King’s Raid Ishi wo Tsugumono tachi announced an anime adaptation. The anime aired between October 3, 2020, and March 27, 2021. TV Tokyo channel released the series in Japan.

Furthermore, the story of the anime is quite different from the game and the characters that Yoshino Nanjo and Ryota Suzuki voiced.

Moreover, the anime was animated by Sunrise Beyond and OLM. The director is Makato Hoshino, whose characters were designed by Tatsuya Arai and Megumi Shimizu.

Also, Masahiro Tokuda will be composing the anime’s music. The voice actor who voiced the characters in the game will also be voicing them in the anime.

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Besides “Legendary Future,” the first opening song is fripSide (episodes 01-13). The next opening, “Eclipse,” is by Dreamcatcher (episodes 14-26).

Furthermore, “SticK Out” is the first ending song is by Kotoko (from episodes 01-13). The next ending, “One Wish,” is by Riho Iida (episodes 14-26).

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