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Top Best High Rated Amines for 2021

“The Top Best High Rated Amines for Anime” is a new series of articles that discusses which anime is the highest-rated and what are the best anime episodes. The purpose of this article is to help you better understand what makes an anime series so popular. When people go to an anime site and start looking for anime they like, they are usually looking for the best anime series or top-rated anime episode. The goal here isn’t to rate every single one of them, but rather we’ll discuss the top 10 highest-rated and why they are the best anime series. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes an anime series top-rated or trending anime episode.

The first thing we’ll discuss is ranking the anime based on popularity. This is very easy to do. If you were to take a poll of people who visit forums and blogs dedicated to anime you’d probably find a bunch of people ranking the top shows in terms of popularity. If you were to poll a bunch of people online, most of them would probably tell you that the top show to watch was the current season of the anime they are currently watching. People talk about popular shows pretty much all the time. When someone talks about something that they enjoy, they usually talk about it a lot.

Popularity also makes an anime series top according to my personal opinion. The current season is usually where a lot of people start talking about it. It’s only natural since it’s the most popular season to watch, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best anime to watch. Popularity can be subjective. What someone might think is the best anime to watch, another person might not think that it’s that good. So don’t let your opinion matter, just pick the top anime series according to the people who talk about it the most.

Death Note

Some shows just get voted to the top when a lot of people talk about them. One of those shows is Death Note. It came out in the middle of 2021, so it’s had plenty of time for word-of-mouth advertising. A lot of people talk about how great it is, so it ends up on the list of top shows. Of course, it didn’t last long on the list, but it has probably been one of the sleeper shows throughout the whole season.


Another one of those sleeper shows is Naruto. It actually came out during the beginning of the Naruto series. It wasn’t popular when it first went on air, but as word-of-mouth spread, it became more popular. As it got more viewers, it quickly moved up to number one.

Full Metal Alchemist

One other great anime that wasn’t too long ago is Full Metal Alchemist. It was one of the sleeper shows throughout the season, but it also quickly became popular. It ranks right up there with Naruto in terms of popularity. It’s interesting to see an animated series rank higher than a live-action series because it’s harder to sell animation DVDs. That and the fact that it gets people interested in it.

Dragonball Z

One show that is frequently mentioned on the list of the top best anime is Dragonball Z. This was one of the very first big hit cartoons that people started watching. A lot of people have come to love the show, and it ended up staying on the list for a few years. It just had to get re-run every so often, and now it is a daily show on a number of channels. It’s just a fun show to watch.

Lost, Girl

Finally, one show that was recently canceled, but should be mentioned on this list is Lost, Girl. This was one of the best canceled shows of 2021. It’s interesting to see how it ended up there now that it wasn’t renewed. This one will most likely make it to the top of the list at some point.