Sentouin Hakenshimasu Episode 1

The generals give the command to spy on people to Combat Agent Six of Kisaragi, a secret society and evil organization. Sentouin Hakenshimasu Episode 1 shows that the aim is to create a planet that resembles Earth. Six is taken to the center of an uncharted world, where she will begin invading it with Alice, a highly effective android!?

Sentouin Hakenshimasu Episode 1: What is the Plot

The bosses of Combat Agent Six, Astaroth the Ice Queen and Belial the Great Flame, summon him. Moreover, they give him the assignment to travel to another planet. Six didn’t comprehend a thing and started to doubt everything, including the objective, his superiors, and even her clothing.

Astaroth reveals that when their group, Kisaragi, nearly conquered the globe, they will hire individuals like Six if they have nothing more to fight for or conquer. As a result of Six’s irrational attempts to make Astaroth accept responsibility and marry her, she is frozen.

The facility’s head scientist, Lilith the Dark, introduces them to Alice. She is a highly expensive and sophisticated robot who will assist Six to teleport Six to the other world.

Six learns that the teleporter can malfunction and kill him, so he is transferred against his will after handing them mini-teleporters to obtain equipment and an emotional farewell between him and Astaroth that culminates with him being booted to the teleporter after attempting a sexual deed.

Sentouin Hakenshimasu Episode 1

Final thoughts

The King finally judges Six and Alice in Sentouin Hakenshimasu! Episode 1. However, Tillis intervenes to overturn the verdict and pardons them because they serve the realm as knights. Snow objects, but Six realizes that she accepts responsibility for their deeds. Moreover, she places her in a unit with them as a subordinate. Snow receives ridicule from Six and reprimands from Alice. Therefore, she declares that she does not trust them and will keep an eye on them. In a flashback, it becomes clear that the assignment came to her through a dice roll. This alarms Astaroth and made it plain that she had a crush on him.

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