Tropical Rouge Precure Episode 17 English Subbed

We are all great fans of anime. Adapted from Japanese manga, these animated shows have all our hearts. Especially if the anime is a girl anime from Japan, the popularity skyrockets. So, one such very popular Japanese anime is Tropical Rouge.

If you are very much into this animated series, the article will give you a guided tour. Here’s to know all the details of your favorite Anime, Tropical Rouge.

Often, we are reeling under the pressure of lack of motivation and passion in the modern world. So, if you are a fellow of that ship, you should watch this anime. This anime is all about love and motivation in a young soul and how she meanders her way through that.

Tropical Rouge Story

Often in Japanese stories or series, we come across many adolescents who are very independent and living alone from their families. So, Manatsu Natsuumi is one such character who traveled to Aozora City to meet her mother. Initially, she resided in Minamino island, and from there, she went to Aozora City.

Her first semester in the local middle school kicks off well until she meets a stranger Laura who comes from the mermaids’ lands. She is determined to find strong warriors to rise against the Witch of Delays. This evil force has taken away the people’s motivation in the kingdom.

Manatsu had been depicted as an ordinary girl. But, as the city comes under attack, she is blessed with the powers so that she can fight it off.

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But, as the series progresses, we see a different character, a villain who imprisons Laura. Thus, in this time of crisis, Manatsu will use her makeup to become a legendary warrior herself. Cure Summer is her name, and now she will fight the most critical battle of implanting the motivation back in people’s minds—tropical Sunshine.

However, she is not alone in this team of fighters. Laura, Asuka Takizawa, Minori Ichinose, Sango Suzumara will join her to lead the team called Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure team. It will ward off the evil forces and restore mermaids’ land or Grand Ocean to its previous grandeur.

Tropical Rouge
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Manatsu’s comrades

SO, who are these able persons giving Manatsu the much-required comradery? Let’s now look at some of the series’s most essential and favorite character sketches.

Sango Suzumara

Voice-over done by Yumiri Hanamori, Sango Suzumara is a classmate of Cure Summer. She is a lovely person and mixes with people amazingly well, and pretty Holic is her beauty parlor. As this fact suggests, she is a pro in cosmetics and makeup, and her charm emanates from her cheeks. The perks of having Sangu in the group is that she focuses significantly on the critical defensive modes.

Asuka Takizawa

Another favorite hot character of ours is Asuka Takizawa. The voice of Asami Seto lends a beautiful characteristic essence to Asuka. Senior to Sango and Manatsu, Asami possesses a strong justice sense. She has some personality barriers in the external sphere, making her a little unapproachable to strangers. But, on the inside, she is a very cute, reliable, and responsible person. Asuka specializes in close combat potentials, and hair is her charm point.

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Minori Ichinose

Minori is also a senior to Manatsu and Sango, an avid reader. Studying in the second year of school, she is the one who conceals her motion. A very bright student of her school, her intelligent brain is additional help in the team. She was a fan of “The Little Mermaid,” so her compassion towards mermaids helped her be by their side in times of crisis. Yui Ishikawa did the voice of this character.


One of the most important characters of the series is Laura, the mermaid. Immensely self-confident, Laura often makes some decisions based on her selfish interests. While in her stay with Manatsu, she also transforms human. Deriving her energy and charm from her nails, Laura aims to restore the lost joy of the Grand Ocean.

So, with all these characters and teammates, Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure embarks on the journey to regain the lost prestige of the Grand Ocean.

Episode Details

First airing on February 28, 2021, “Tropica-shine! Motivation to the Max! Cure Summer!” introduced the primary character of Manatsu. In this episode, she becomes the grand warrior determined to save the Grand Ocean from the rampage.

The series will run till January 30, 2022, and in the meantime, it will cover 46 episodes. You will have to binge-watch the series to know how Manatsu and her team managed to take over the evil powers.

Episode 17

In the meantime, the evil forces had captured Laura and imprisoned her. Cure members and Cure goes on a hunt for Laura. The witch or the evil force is also employing all its details to steal motivation and warns Laura to stay away from its path.

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This episode titled “Mermaid’s Miracle”: Transform! Cure La Mer” basically narrates the escape efforts of Laura, who employs Kururun to find the key to their prison door while the Curemates distract the officials. However, she gets caught. Butler bests her, and then Kururun saves her again. Her kingdom people congratulate Laura on her win. However, Laura, who is now a changed person, is willing to help her friends who were busy fighting the enemy,

Laura secures an object and gets transformed to Cure la Mer, by which she gains the ability to revive her comrades and also regains the motivation.

Did you know, by the end of the episode, she even moves in with her best mate, Manatsu? We even got to know her transformation into a human being throughout this episode, allowing her to stay with Manatsu.

Thus, aired on June 20, 2021, this is one of the most vital episodes which you surely cannot miss if you are watching Tropical Rouge.

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Final Thoughts

Tropical Rouge has gained immense popularity among the young and adolescents. So, if you are one of those whom this mermaid’s tale has enchanted, then get on board and binge-watch the episode. The ticket to this magical land is free!

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