Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 11

With the fast progress of human civilization, the necessity of humans on earth is gradually degrading because of the interventions of humans. Did it puzzle you a lot? Let’s break it out, then. Humans are all decked up for a long time to make their robotic counterparts, also called artificial intelligence. They will help serve many purposes that humans were only capable of doing until now. Thus, gradually, some fear, these Ais will overpower humans, and during most of our work, Ais will control our emotions. But, not all of them are bad. Here we will discuss what happened in Vivy Flourite Eye’s song Episode 11.

Vivy Flourite Eye’s song Episode 11

The autonomous AI, Diva, a songstress, is an AI character in the series Vivy: Flourite Eye’s song. Thus, in this series, humans stumbled across failed attempts to create autonomous AIs. However, after several such failed experiments, they concluded that autonomous AI could be of good use if the AI had a single mission to accomplish. Thus, they launched Diva, the songstress, to relieve humans of stress and anxiety and provide pure happiness.

As songs are the most primitive ways of expressing human joy and grief, the way to quell their problems by an Ai was through her songs. However, the stage performance of Diva at NiaLand theme park gets disrupted when Ryunji arrives on the scene. She is a future AI, and she brought the news that other Ais in the future will destroy humankind. So, these two will team up to prevent that from happening.

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The main AI characters are Diva and Matsumoto, and the main human characters are Keita Hayashi and Osuma Matsumoto. In episode 11, titled World’s end modulation- Apil 11, 2161, we see Diva and Matsumoto meet up to save Osuma Matsumoto from being killed by other revengeful Ais. The Archives even ordered the Ais for evacuation as they planned to bomb significant cities with satellites.

Final Thoughts

So if you still have not watched the series, you should binge the show now!