Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 12

A song can conquer the world. Often there is a quote circulating on the internet. It goes like this: “if you ever forget my name, send me a song.” The melody and the lyrics can bring life to a dead soul. Thus, having this noble thing in mind, Vivy was brought to this world. She is a songstress to provide humans with happiness. She is the first automated artificially intelligent robot to work perfectly. However, when Matsumoto tells her about the imminent threat, things turn slightly. Here we will find out what happened in Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 12.

So, what is that threat? If you want to learn about that, you will either have to watch Vivy Flourite eye’s Song, or you will have to follow our website to learn about them in detail.

Earlier experiments failed, and robots with multiple missions couldn’t function properly. However, they seemed to work brilliantly when they just had one task. With that in mind, scientists made Vivy and entrusted her with the duty of making humans happy through her songs.

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 12

In episode 12, titled “refrain-my mission,” we see the ulterior motive of the Archives. When Vivy goes and meets them, she knows that they aim to replace humans with AIs because humans are shifting all their burdens to AIs.

So, if that is the case, humans shouldn’t exist as superiors. However, on learning about her power to write songs, they say they will abort this mission if she can sing a song with all her heart.

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Meanwhile, Arayashiki tower is under attack from Toak and Matsumoto. However, they get trapped, but somehow, Vivy and Matsumoto survive. In this humdrum, Vivy cannot focus on her emotions, and Matsumoto and his creators decide to transit Vivy back to the initial period of the war.

Final Thoughts

The second last episode is one of the most crucial episodes. Watch it if you haven’t yet watched it!