Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 4

Let us find out what happened in Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 4!

Humans take immense pride in considering themselves the most remarkable creation on earth. So much so that they are now creating machines and robots which can even out-compete humans. Whenever we think about robots, the names that spring up in our heads are Alexa and Sophia. Brought recently into the global market, Alexa nearly reduces so many tasks of humans, and Sophia even made a public appearance in recent times. So, where will the humans stay if they continue making these and the latter takes over one day?

One can find the answer to this question in the imaginary world conjured up in the TV series VIvy: Flourite Eyes; Song. Released when the pandemic threat gripped the world, this series showed a whole new way in which humans can come under threat. Zombie apocalypse, nuclear war, and virus-led pandemics have been trendy in the TV world for a long time. Now is the time for another superpower- the Artificially Intelligent robots.

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 4

In the previous episode, Vivy goes to save the Hotel Sunrise from crashing purposefully on earth, which would lead to the backlash from AI-s. In the fourth episode, titled “Ensemble for Polaris- Our Promise,” we get to know that Toak- the anti-AI terrorist squad, was the real mastermind behind the crash of the Hotel Sunrise. Estella was being framed throughout, and Matsumoto delivered this information to Vivy.

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Even after honest Estella is rescued, no one can stop the crash. Estella tries to disorient Sunrise hotel, and meanwhile, Elizabeth, her sister unit, regains consciousness. Thus, before facing death together, they help each other to save the civilians in Hotel Sunrise.

Final Thoughts

The show gets more thrilling as it progresses towards the middle and the end. If you are yet to watch it, tune in to your TV channel now!