Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 6

One of the best shows dealing with human-robot interaction in the anime market is Vivy: Flourite Eye’s song. Humans consider themselves the most advanced among all living beings. To minimize their workload, they first discovered fire, then invented machines, and are now developing robots that are more or less similar to humans. They can follow orders, but they can also even think and emote now. Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 6 deals with one such imaginary but relevant future where the AI-s or the Artificially Intelligent robots decide to take over the humankind.

Vivy is a songstress and the first automated robot whose primary mission is to provide humans with happiness. However, she gets to know that humankind is under threat. Hence, she joins hands with Matsumoto, another AI from the future, to save humanity from this threat.

Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 6

In the last episode, Vivy and Matsumoto try to disable Metal Float but cannot do so. Thus, in this episode named “Sing My Pleasure: I Love You,” Tatsuya Sayeki, an ex-Toak member, decides to lead Metal Float. In this episode, Tatsuya cannot leave Metal float because her girlfriend is its core, and the attendant is her replica.

However, in this episode, Vivy destroys Grace for good. Previously, Tatsuya even pleaded to Vivy to help him save Grace, but she couldn’t keep her request for the greater good. With the death of Grace, Tatsuya embraces death, and Vivy cannot help but succumb to a mental breakdown.

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Final Thoughts

Not all episodes are meant to be high on the thrill factor, and a good show is one where there is a perfect balance between sound and silence. Thus, in this episode, we see the emotions take center stage, leaving a great impression on viewers’ minds. To read the summaries of other episodes, check the category here.