Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 7

The series has become more interesting after the release of Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 7. However, it is still one of the best series of the year. In this episode, Diva warms up her voice at the outset (much like in the eerie beginning of episode 1). Moreover, she is ready to take the stage on the Main Stage. Besides, this week it was also part of the OP sequence. She was changed, and it was obvious that there had been another time skip.

Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 7: What happens now?

Dr. Saeki shooting himself causes Vivy to crash fatally, necessitating a reboot. Furthermore, she was left with no memories after the treatment and continued to perform as a singer. Besides, she meets Ophelia, the youngest Sister. The latter is incredibly talented at singing despite appearing bashful.

Vivy Flourite Eye's Song Episode

The two start to get along a little, and Diva is also impressed by the singing of the younger model. This is even if she advises her to “watch and learn” before taking the stage for a practice run. While preparing to begin, she notices a suspicious-looking man and quickly runs after him. She senses a problem despite the fact that she cannot recall anything. It ended up being a trap. Even though she couldn’t recall Matsumoto or the name “Vivy,” he managed to save her.

Final thoughts

After jumping off a building and forcing him to save her, she got him to tell her about her history in Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 7. He is there right now to prevent Ophelia from committing suicide (obviously inspired by Hamlet). At this point, Vivy is 61 years old and has developed a new finger-snapping habit and a much friendlier attitude. Unfortunately, only six episodes remain, so it will be intriguing to see what happens!

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